The Arara Azul Group has been dedicating to the distribution of petrol derivates since 1995, dealing mostly with fuels as such as gasoline, diesel oil, alcohol, and most recently, with natural gas.

With its own truck fleet, what guarantees the quality of the fuel received by the customers, the company is in continuous expansion. It has opened branch offices in strategic spots in order to optimize the distribution, and according to strict quality standards it’s been realizing an agile and safe work.

The Beginning

The Group’s history started in the year of 1954, when its founder, Ubirajara Pinheiro, still worked as an employee at Shell. Years went by, and with the experience and knowledge acquired, Mr.Pinheiro founded his own business which never stopped growing. Nowadays, the group comprehends  seven great companies that take action in the petrol market.

With a working concept that integrates all the operational stages, from seaport operations to distribution and provisioning, the Arara Azul Group is expanding its business and implanting a new supplying model, which is responsible for attracting new partners and clients due to its excellency and efficiency.

The Gas Stations Chain

Founded in 2000, the Arara Azul Gas Station Chain appeared with the purpose to offer to the market the retail of fuels and lubricants  of superior quality. Also adding to its services a personalized service to its clients. The gas stations follow an innovating and modern pattern. From their architecture up to the client assistance services, everything was carefully planned according to the highest quality standards.

The comfort, the innovative and the commodity are trade marks of the Arara Azul Group.  So that, besides the traditional services, the Group is already dealing with the trading of natural gas for vehicles, and also offers the 24h convenience stores. The success is such that the chain is in continuous expansion all over the country. Check it out!

Expansion and Qualification

While it is growing, the Group generates direct and indirect jobs, and adds to its company’s  staff capacitated and specialized professionals who are constantly trained. They are like true partners, and they all have in common the speculative mind and the compromise to quality.

A compromise that is extended to the social and ecological area, because it is part of our mission to work on the development for a better society. Thus, the Arara Azul Group follows the normative standards related to  protection of the environment, and also supports projects in many areas. Sponsoring sportsman, writers, singers and musicians is also a way to help on the development of the culture, which is one of the fuels that boosts our companies.

The company can also count on its own  training center where a technician specialized in lubricants is responsible for capacitating the whole team. However, before going through this training, the Arara Azul  gas station attendants take a rigorous training that takes place in centers as Senai and Senac.

The Arara Azul Differential
Image,  serving and quality are the main differential points in Arara Azul services. Arara Azul has total control over its stations, once it runs the whole operation, granting the quality of the product available to the customer.


Likewise the compromise with the quality of its products and services, the Group yet works on the preservation of the environment, because it is also part of its mission to work to build a better society. For so, the Group follows normative standards of environment protection.

Due to its modern structures, the Arara Azul Gas Station Chain is able to keep a stock of high quality, granting the preservation of the environment and nullifying any risks of leaking or contamination by fuel. All fuel tanks are double covered, which grants the protection of the fuel, and in case of a leaking in the first cover an alarm is immediately activated alerting about the incident. By this way, the team is able to control the leaking right away without causing any harm to the environment.

In order to preserve the environment, the Arara Azul uses the most modern technology in equipments. All Arara Azul gas stations have a strict set of rules that refer to the installation and the collection of remains and containers of lubricant oil.

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